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Anyone who has viewed my portfolio may have seen that I have a large position in a company called Bowhead. I think this is a project that could easily be valued at 100+mm market cap (it's currently at a 5mm marketcap). Bowhead has created a HIPPA compliant health information blockchain which allows patients to save their health information to the blockchain and then allow medical researchers or drug companies to come in and purchase this information from the patients. The drug researchers will be purchasing Bowhead (AHT) tokens and paying each user for access to their anonymized health data. They have also created an IoT medication dispensing device which integrates with the blockchain (their product is developed and you can see it). This will be automatically recording health data from customers and securing it to the blockchain so there is no additional work for patients to participate beyond owning the medication dispensing device. The device has other smart functionality like automatically reordering your medication when its running low, etc. The ability for Bowhead to both create valuable health data (via their IoT device) and automatically secure this to the blockchain to allow researchers or drug companies to purchase this data creates an ecosystem which has never been possible before. I think this represents a paradigm shift in the medical industry and will be a standard in how medical information is recorded and monetized for patients. Considering the team (company was founded by several well known doctors) and progress this company has made to-date (they are about to release their product to the market) this company is wildly undervalued. The reason they are undervalued is that 1) they have done zero marketing to date (this was intentional) and 2) they are not on any exchanges save for 2 very small exchanges. The reason behind 1&2 is because their existing token was built on Waves platform. They will be switching to ERC20 and will allow for swapping of the old for new coins. Once this happens, they will be pursuing an aggressive marketing and distribution strategy for their coin to list on additional exchanges.